5 Easy Steps to Making a Gel Candle

The scent of burning and aromatic candles soothes your senses like no other. This is further complemented by a view that captures your inner thoughts and most serene dreams. Since making gel candles is a hit nowadays, there is no better way to experience said ambiance but to create these lovely scents yourself.

Not many people know this, but candle making is naturally an art. It can also be acquired as a hobby. Does not know how to start? How about taking a quick workshop by reading the following steps?

In making those beautiful and lovely-colored gel candles, you need to have the following materials. First, you will need gel, wicks, color dye and essential fragrances. It is also an option to prepare other essential oils like lavender but for beginners, it is advisable to start and keep up with just the basics.

Second, in making gel candle, you have to make sure that you have an appropriate space for said work. Aside from this, sourcing out your materials online is a nice prerogative. Chemical guys trim gel You can always rely on gel candle making kits, as these items usually aid novices in making gel candle.

Third, find a suitable container. The best choice would be glass containers. This is because gel candles usually have embeds in them. Others also make use of wine glasses or hollow vases. Where can you shop these great finds? Possible sources are thrift shops and garage sales.

Fourth, in making gel candle, you can start by placing glue onto the container’s bottom. Carefully place the wick and let it set for a couple of minutes. Melt the gel and add your desired color. Once this is achieved, you can now proceed with the oil or fragrance.

Fifth, pour the gel mixture into the glass container. Make sure you do this slowly as the mixture is really hot. To keep the wick straight, you can roll it up using a pencil while pouring the gel. Let your gel candle cool for awhile and then you can trim the wick afterwards. Now, you are done with your first gel candle.

Remember that in making gel candle, caution and instructions are of great importance. Maintaining the proper temperature in melting the gel is also required. You have to remember that you need to melt your gel and reach the ideal temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You can only achieve this by buying a thermometer, as having the right temperature affects the quality of your product.

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