5 Tips For Hiring a Retail Security Firm

With Christmas day just around the corner, you may be forgiven for thinking the hive of shopping activity is behind us and the need for security manned guarding has subsided. Well, the retail industry is expectant of massive reductions, bringing the January sales forward, starting as early as Christmas Day. On-line shoppers will get great items at discounted prices as early as Christmas Day, as the retail outlets will be looking to off-load all the stock ready for the new stock to take its place. Clothing outlets will have large reductions and with New Years Eve just around the corner, frantic party goers will be looking for their outfit at reduced rates. The January sales are renowned in the U.K. and with the country being in a global recession, shoppers may be inclined to budget their spending for the sales.

A retail store thinking about minimizing theft should be thinking about retail security measures, from CCTV monitoring to security manned guarding. retail security companies But with many retail security companies out there, it is hard to know who to choose.

I have assembled a basic check list of important factors that need to be considered before contracting a security company;

1. Make sure the company has accreditation with the Security Industry Authority. Companies that have this accreditation have been licensed to conduct the service by following high standards of professionalism.

2. Make sure you know who is being contracted to you. We have heard those horrid stories of how employees have aided thieves and it is important that the recruitment is thorough. Make sure the company has a credential screening service to identify whether the manned guard would be true to his post.

3. Do your research! Find out what others are saying about their security companies, look on-line and ask for marketing materials. It is important that these security guards make your company look professional.

4. Ask for a few quotes from a few companies. End of the day, you have a business to run; you want to be maximising your profits and you don’t want an expensive service costing you more than it has to.

5. What packages could they offer your business? For the short term you may just want some security guards at the door, but for the evolution of your business you may want the added security of having a variety of security services, so have that in mind with your negotiations. They will always be eager regarding a new account, so tread the water by asking what a combined cost could be.

Straight forward stuff really, but if forgotten, then you could be stuck with an unprofessional outfit that is deterring customers. Hopes you have had a very busy Christmas, and here’s to a busy new year.

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